To allow new improvements to our GitHub Sync and GitHub Integration we need you to confirm migrating to GitHub Webhooks.


If you don’t see a migrate button and you’ve arrived to this page for example by search, no action is required, you are already using new infrastructure.

Every GitHub Sync created before April 2016 needs to be migrated to a new GitHub Webhook API. Migration itself should be done from the editor:

Apiary GitHub migration script

What happens?

When you click Migrate, we remove the old service hook and create a new GitHub Webhooks. Currently, there is no deadline for the migration.

When we can’t migrate the hook automatically, you will be asked to disconnect and reconnect the repository again to upgrade to the new infrastructure.

Why do I even have to click the button?

We value your data and we want to minimize our interactions with your 3rd party services without your knowledge.

More questions or problems?

If you have any more questions or run into any issue, just let us know.

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