Apiary provides all the necessary tools to manage your subscription, including your billing info, credit card, and plan upgrade, downgrade, or cancellation.

Getting to billing info

Click on your profile picture in the top-right of the page. In the drop down, you will see a link for “Switch to .” Once there, click the “Billing” link to get to your billing management page.

If you do not have any active subscription, you will be prompted for the regular plans page, where you can eventually purchase one of our paid plans. Remember, if you are interested in Apiary PRO, you should contact us directly.

On the other side, if you have got an active subscription, you will be redirected to the management section, that consists of 3 sections


In this section, you can basically review your current plan, as well cancel your current subscription, downgrade or upgrade to another plan. Based on your choice, some actions may be performed on your credit card. In detail:

  1. If you cancel the subscription, your plan will continue to be active until the end of your current billing period (and one of our teams will start to cry) and then at the billing period end date it will be finally canceled.
  2. If you decide to upgrade to a higher plan, you will be charged for the remaining amount. That means, your current amount will be deducted from the new price.
  3. In case of a downgrade, we will prorate the difference between the subscription prices.

Naturally, for all the cases, the corresponding features tied to that plans will be eventually enabled/disabled. If you cancel your subscription, you can “re-subscribe” to the same plan. There are no refunds. We always subscribe you for upcoming billing period (a month).

Billing Info

In the Billing Info panel, you can change your billing information, ranging from contact information to billing address.

Pay attention to the email field as it’s the address where the invoices will be sent. This field is optional and, when omitted, invoices will be sent to your account email address.


In this panel you can manage your credit card.

For security reasons we do not show all your card details, but just enough of them for you to be able to identify your card.

From here, you can also change your credit card, if needed. You may want to do that if your current credit card is going to expire, or if you deactivate it for some reason.

It will be validated in real time, and—if all checks passes—the change will be validated and saved.


If you’re putting your first credit card, your current trial will end and you’ll be charged for the amount listed in the plan you’re currently trialing.


The Billing page should provide all necessary tools to create/manage/delete your subscription.

However, edge case may always happen. If you would like to handle a very particular case, change your billing frequency (e.g. yearly), or if you have any kind of question, do not hesitate to contact us