Apiary gives you the tools you need to manage complexity. As an Apiary for Teams administrator, you have the option to grant any member of your team powerful Editor or restricted Viewer access to projects when and where needed.

Actually having a team requires to have an active plan. Therefore, when creating a new team you’ll be automatically subscribed to a free trial plan which will eventually expire (and its features blocked).

To get an overview of our plans, please see our plans page

Getting to Team Settings

Click on your profile picture in the top-right of the page. In the drop down, you will see a link for “Switch to ." Once there, click the "Settings" link to get to your team's settings.

Gravatar for Profile Image

If you would like to add a gravatar to your team’s profile, add your team’s support email address on the setting page and upload an image to Gravatar.

Team Defaults

There are several defaults which may be set for your team.

Public APIs

If this is off, all newly-created team APIs will be set to private documentation and private traffic.

Members are Viewers

All members begin as viewers. You can later promote them as editors, but starting as viewers means they will have read-only access.

Closed Team API Settings

If turned on, only team admins can see the team settings.

Team API Description Template

When a new API is created, the API Description defined will be used as the initial document for that API. This is useful when you want to have a common starting point for your team on all APIs.

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