Getting to User Settings

To get to the user settings screen from within Apiary, you can click your avatar from the top-right of the page and select your name.

Here you can change your name, email address used for signing in, and password. You can also manage your invitations and connect your Apiary account to your GitHub and Twitter accounts.


If you have been invited to an API or team, you will receive an email from Apiary to accept/decline the invite. You will also find an invitation section on the account screen for your pending invitations to teams. Learn more about invitations in Apiary.

Leave Team

If you decide to leave a current team, you can do so from your user settings screen. On this page you should see your team name and a Leave Team link next to it.

If the link is not present, make sure your Apiary account is not used as the billing contact for connected Oracle Cloud Portal subscription. Such Apiary user cannot leave the team or be removed from the team. You can check it at the Billing page of your team in the Team administration section.

If the link is not present, make sure you are not the last administrator of the team. If that is the case, you are not allowed to leave the team and you have these options:

  1. Assign admin role to other user in team
  2. If no other users are in the team, contact our support and we will help you to delete the team

Be aware that leaving the team will also remove you from editors and viewers of all team API Projects.

GitHub Account

You can use your GitHub account to log in to Apiary, along with using it for syncing your APIs. If you did not use your GitHub account when you first signed up, you can connect it on the account page. Additionally, you can check the connection to ensure Apiary has the correct permissions for accessing your account.

On the account screen, there is a also place where you can change your GitHub email address. This is useful when the email address you use for GitHub is different than the one used for Apiary. Whatever is set as your GitHub email address will be used when making commits to GitHub repositories.

Twitter Account

In addition to signing in with your GitHub account, you can also use your Twitter account. This can be set up when you sign up for Apiary or by visiting the user settings page.