All API Projects have an RSS feed of changes and the ability to show differences between current and previous versions. You can also utilise this RSS feed to trigger events in your system.

RSS feed of changes

To access the project feed get the feed URL from Interactive documentation. Link may be found the page source code (should be autodetected by your browser) and should look like this:

  • Atom: https://<project name>
  • RSS: https://<project name>

Use the Atom one if you are unsure which to choose.

A note for Safari users

When opening the feed link in Safari, you will most likely be presented with a warning that you need to install RSS addon into Safari. We recommend using a different browser or a command line tool like curl or httpie.

Watching for changes

You can watch for RSS or XML reader and use it to for example trigger a CI build or update people depending on this API.

Diffing UI

Each <item> in the Feed will have a <link> pointing at a Diffing UI, where you can preview the changes made to the API Project.

Diffing UI

Restoring previous version

If you want to rollback, find the version you are looking for, copy it to the editor and save the project.